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ArtSong is based on musical building block is designed for experimental musicians, advanced music hobbyists and composers is a large and highly configurable music composition freeware framework that supports all versions of windows operating system. ArtSong is designed as a general purpose composition framework is "˜intended's to be devoid of any particular musical style. It has the attractive GUI facility with the inbuilt help option; an electronic-procedural manuscript paper that you can apply to any specific composition problem. Key Features of ArtSong 6: -Scripting: a complete script development and runtime environment for both Pascal and Basic scripts with syntax-sensitive source-code editors (keyword highlighting), integrated debugging, and a large library of built-in objects and functions are included. ArtSong's scripting capabilities offer a powerful general-purpose solution for composition, analysis, or editing. -Over 30 algorithm plugins including 8 distribution functions, chaos attractors, image to music, text to music, meter, chord progression generaters, -Controller components supporting any MIDI channel-voice message can be associated with specific tracks, -Unlimited tracks and algorithms per project, -Tonal compositions can set a pitch-generation probability for each individual pitch-class for adding varying degrees of chromaticity to tonal compositions. -Scale and Chord resources can be defined and applied as defined over the full 1- to 10-octave MIDI pitch range. Chords defined within a 1-octave range will be repeated each octave, chords defined over a 2-octave range will be applied every two octaves, etc. -A Single-Note Editor has been added for adding-editing of individual note events. -Multiple Time Signatures -Multilevel Undo/Redo -Save projects as MIDI, ArtSong Projects, or simple CSound score files, -Automatic conversion of MIDI files to ArtSong projects, -Build custom libraries of data patterns, presets, and project templates for reuse.

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